Making a list

Saw a series of earth day commercials on Discovery channel the other day where they got some regular/famous people to talk about how they can do their part for the environment and I contemplated doing a household checklist of my own here.

Currently in action:

1.)  We support the National Recycling Programme.
(Got my peeps to get use to the idea of recycling. Initially it was difficult because we keep forgetting to put out the bag on the specific date, and things started to pile up. Now I make it a point to write down the list of collection dates on the fridge notepad as a reminder.)

2.)  Personally I never litter.
(It’s uncool to throw rubbish where it doesn’t belong ppl~)

3.)  Switching off vampire appliances more promptly.
(Sometimes, I will kaypoh walk past my sis/ mum’s room while they are out and switch off their power outlets. hehe)

4.)  Revised my room’s power supply needs. (Warning: technical bore)

Previously I was using an extension cable with 2  sockets and an adapter to power the following appliances; Internet modem, wireless router, tv set, starhub digital cable set-up box, mini compo and the  occasional handphone/ psp charger, clothes iron & hair dryer.

Can you imagine all the wires and electrical plugs going into the adapter and remaining socket?! It started with just the tv and mini compo when we first moved in, I guess I didn’t notice the buildup over the years .

It occured to me recently that this multitude of plug-ins would waste plenty of electricity (see point 3)! That’s because I would usually turned on everything to use one or two appliances. *lazy*

There was also this problem of the adapter not connecting properly, frequently have to tweak and balance and hear the plugs sizzle~

Finally, I had enough of the ‘It’s ALive~~~!!’ routine one day, and I went to the hardware store and got a 5 sockets extension cable and some spare plug keys. Each socket has its own on/off switch. Now I only turn on what I need.
Neater, not to mention safer!

Need to improve:

1.)  Remembering to BYOB.
(Mum has this nice foldable shopping bag she got from Pie Kia for buying their pies that I think is slick! Looks like a handy makeup pouch when folded and tucked.)

2.)  Have to be more conscious about electricity/water usage.
(Hardest thing to do on the list. Am hooked to the computer and air con.)

Wish to be able to change in the future:

1.)  Eventually go for an overhaul and change into energy-efficient light bulbs, water saving taps & non-rotting cooking stove.

2.)  Change existing storage tank water heater to single units electric heaters.

3.)  Plans to drive an hybrid/ electric car one day.

Have you made your household list already? Share share.

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